Andrew Mushel



Art and Animation

Red door texture
Green door texture
Blue door texture
Unsecured door texture
Red key animation
Green key animation
Blue key animation
Wall texture


Graphics Programming

Wall texturing, sprite object rendering (animation and rotation), object shadows, enemy death animations, draw distance/fog rendering, scrolling skybox, HUD refinements, snow weather effect optimizations, custom menu cursor, floor and ceiling distance gradient, movement sway animation, level start/end HUD transition

Enemy AI, vision, and pathfinding

Glacierbound enemy states

Enemies have a 90 degree field of vision within which they can detect the player or another character that has just caused damage. A simple raycast detects whether the target character is behind a wall.

Pathfinding uses a simple breadth-first search, due to the limited size and complexity of the maps. It is only used while enemies are searching for their target. While in that state, enemies can open doors.

Other Gameplay/Engine Programming

Mouse input, interactive doors, color-coded locked doors and keys, projectile/item/character/map collision, garbage collection, level data structure, level stat tracking, level transitions, story introduction and conclusion screens, image loading improvements, assorted bug fixing