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Other Sound Design Videos

System Shock 2 Linear Redesign (Uncut)

Recorded a short segment of gameplay from the MedSci Deck in System Shock 2 and replaced all sound effects and ambiences.

Reflex Arena Weapon Audio Replacement Mod

Redesigned the weapon sounds of the indie arena shooter, Reflex Arena, with the goal of making them stylized, unique, and impactful.


About Me

I’m a game audio designer with a passion for videogames as creative entertainment and art. I have a communication and music background, but creative sound design was ultimately what drew me to working with digital audio. Carefully crafted audio has the power the persuade, to inform, and to immerse an audience in an interactive experience. My goal is to bring this rhetorical power of sound to videogames and make even them better in the process.

I’m always looking for opportunities to make media and games sound better. If you think I would be a good fit for your project, I would love to hear from you.